The Light of the Harem


Material Used: oil colors on canvas


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Artist: Afraz Saeed
Afraz Saeed

Material Used: oil colors on canvas
This painting is a copy. The original painting belongs to an Irish artist named Charles Wynee Nicholls
As witnessed in the painting, a beautiful woman is holding an oud in her hands, sitting quietly with unique light reflecting on her. I have recreated the same painting with minor altercations in the structure of my work in the painting


Afraz Saeed

Afraz Saeed Abdullah was born in 2000 in Duhok and he is currently residing there. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in the department of Plastic Arts during 2020-2021. Throughout his years amidst the institution and up to recently, he has continued creating artworks. His artwork revolves mostly around implementing oil colors on canvas.
Afraz Saeed
Dimensions 100 × 110 cm


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