Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver the items?

Delivering the items differs depending on the interval and distance between the countries and cities. You may contact us for further information regarding your location.

Is it permissible to return the items post-purchase?

Yes, returning the items post-purchase is permitted. As long as the duration of the purchase has not surpassed 35 days and it is delivered to Art Frosh.

How do I confirm that the art piece is authentic and not a copy?

Every art piece is signed by the artist and in the course of the delivery, the product will arrive with a certificate of authenticity.

Is the delivery solely available for a number of specific locations?

No, it is not specified. Delivery is permitted for Kurdistan and abroad. You can contact us for further information regarding your country and the procedures of obtaining the item.

What are the payment methods for purchasing an artwork?

Payment methods for purchasing an artwork are through a banking system for the countries abroad, and cash payments and banking systems for inside the country.

Why do I encounter technical issues when I log into the website?
Please contact us in times of encountering any technical difficulties when logging into the Art Frosh website.
I have received the artwork but it is damaged or it has an issue, can I return it?
For any issues during the item delivery, please contact us.
I am an artist. Can I participate in the Art Frosh Project? What are the eligibility criteria?
For participation and more information regarding the Art Frosh Project, you can contact us.
I have a few propositions for one of the artists, how can I deliver them?
You can contact us for any information on the artists and your suggestions.
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