Escaping the Mould


Used Materials: acrylic on canvas.

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Razhan Nasradin

Used Materials: acrylic on canvas.


Razhan Nasradin

Razhan Nasradin Jalal Born in 1994 in Sulaymaniyah and she is residing in Halabja. She has a BA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Koye. Studying psychology has been a significant factor in finding modern beliefs and mindsets regarding humans and their divergent essence. Through this, she has tried to mix art and psychology together. On the 24th of March, 2019, she opened the (Hidden Treasures) exhibition. In this exhibition, the artist has mixed the concepts of (humans, spirit, environment, inner-child, self-consciousness, and unconsciousness) with color. The objective of this exhibition was to discover the true essence of each human who is searching for their mental illnesses and toils towards a solution because discovering and feeling any deviation in life is the first step of treatment.
Razhan Nasradin
Dimensions 75 × 51 cm


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