A sweet dream


Used Materials: Acrylic on canvas


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Artist: Naz Ali Ula
Naz Ali Ula

Used Materials: Acrylic on canvas


Naz Ali Ula

Naz Ali Ula Born on 9-9-1989 in Erbil College of Engineering graduate , Programming Department at Koye University.From early childhood, and similar to devotion, I have been painting in my heart and freely expressing life.Collective exhibitions Participated amidst all the activities from primary school to high schoolWorld Children’s Day Exhibition in 2000(We Exist if We Were to Be Seen) 2006, Poshia and I The Kurdish Women Exhibition in Sulaymaniyah, on the 8th of March, 2012 The Kurdish Women Festival in Kifri, and second place award winner of the festival, 2018 Kurdish Women Innovators Festival throughout Great Kurdistan – online - 2021Solo exhibitions Invitation to the German Institution (Goethe), with the support of Sev Gallery and Framing Academy in launching my solo exhibition on 22/5/2021.
Naz Ali Ula
Dimensions 60 × 90 cm


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