The Artfrosh Project Launched in Sulaymaniyah

Vim Foundation announced its latest project, called Artfrosh, and its objective is to serve and progress plastic art in Kurdistan.

Regarding the aim and endeavors of Artfrosh for serving artists and plastic artists, Raban Ezat, the Coordinator of the Artfrosh Project states, “Artfrosh is a Kurdish art platform and it is a non-profit project established by Vim Foundation. It operates in the fields of painting, statue, ceramic, and digital art.”

The Artfrosh project was initiated by opening a plastic art exhibition for the partaking artists and activating the project’s website.

On the first day of the exhibition solely, 13 plastic art paintings, 2 statues, and 1 digital artwork were sold.

Baxtiar Halabjayi, Sculptor and Director of the Plastic Art Directorate in Sulaymaniyah, who is one of the participants in the exhibition, states, “Gladly, on this occurrence, Vim Foundation has assembled us in a better form and higher quality. Granting value and attending to artworks is a significant job and conveys the image of acclaiming artworks.”

The Artfrosh exhibition will resume for the duration of a week in Vim Foundation.

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